Say Cheese // 90º Melt

I was especially indecisive this time trying to figure out where to take myself for lunch, but after flicking through my vegan bible, I found myself heading to Mile End to visit 90º Melt, a short walk away from Stepney Green station. A modern, slicker looking take on the classic American diner, 90º Melt is known for it’s gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and vegan takes on firm family favourites like chilli fries, corn dogs and mac and cheese. Everything is vegetarian but almost everything can be made vegan (menus like this get a big YES from me).

90º Melt, Mile End Road, Stepney Green
Brunch, I’m coming for you next time

The brunch sounded amazing but I was here for the American junk, and I was definitely in the right place. After a lot of back and forth (I’m a Gemini okay, indecisiveness is written in my stars), I settled on;

The Spa-artichoke grilled cheese melt – spinach and artichoke, vegan cheese and chilli sauce

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Mac n Cheese

Holy Buffalo

These beauties came out first and boy was I ready. They had a light crispy coating around the outside but soft and tender cauliflower in the middle, a perfect bite sized treat! I love the tangy-ness of buffalo sauce, it goes amazingly with the cooling yoghurt they served these wings with; it reminded me a lot of an Indian raita. Usually buffalo wings go with blue cheese dip; personally I find it can be a bit heavy, so was nice to see something different. My only qualm; MORE BUFFALO SAUCE! If anyone at 90º Melt is reading this, don’t be shy with the sauce. Get involved. But these were oh so moreish, I loved them.

Next was the Mac and cheese which looked so cute and inviting. It was everything you want mac and cheese to be; creamy and comforting. Loved the addition of the sprinkling of chilli flakes, and of course no mac is complete without crunchy breadcrumbs over the top.

They also added a dollop of a green chilli and herb sauce which was lovely by itself, but mixed in it added a really nice depth of flavour of fresh herbs (and that cheeky buffalo drizzle, I see ya).

And onto the spinach and artichoke wonder. The bread was deliciously crispy and encased dairy free cheese that was alike to mozzarella; creamy and not too strong, but still with a sharpness from the artichoke. I suspect the same green chilli sauce was in the toastie too, which again added that extra bite. Lovely!

THIS IS SPART-(ichoke)

90º Melt, it was a pleasure, thank you for feeding me! These guys also have a delivery option so if you’re around the area, get on it (no I’m not slightly envious…)

The 3 Wonders of Mile End

90º Melt is a small business with a great ethos; sustainable comfort food everyone can enjoy that doesn’t compromise on taste. In their own words, 90° MELT is all about Creative Vegetarian & Vegan food to comfort you and our do not need to be a vegan or vegetarian to enjoy our food – just an open mind and an empty stomach!”.

The owner Nidhi was lovely and you can tell she really cares about bringing people the best! Definitely stop by if you’re in the Mile End area.

Until next lunchtime,

MK x